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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The Murderville Begins the double album/ mix tapes are getting ready to be released on August 27Th 2009 and people let me tell you it's dope i mean its a body of work we are very and up most proud of we went into a dark realm with "River Of Blood" & "1980 Slasher Film(Streets Of Darkness") there both very hard core in lyrics and in beats ? we really got the best of the best Shadoville ,Sinema,Mista Ka,Epic,XiT,and in house like D & Spinz , Vtz and much more the 2 albums will be released as independent projects but on the same day this will give us the opportunity to relate in other words to reach two different audiences. If you the fans want to label Rage Outlawz INC, Pistol ,Ridaz Of OLP or MURDERVILLE horror core,horror grind , or wicked shit music that's up to you we will embrace it with open arms but we like to consider ourselves more then then that, type of one dimensional music we think we are the last of the REAL GANGSTAS and hoodlums spitting gangsta rap and Death music(we call our music death music) one night while we were all siting around this black leather couch we came up with the track "DEATH & ME" Gboo helped create this song which ended up in Rage's Solo album of this year "The Bloodbath" that same night we crafted "DeathMuisc" and that title grew with us and like many wicked kingdoms do we established our army behind that slogan in recent statement Rage lashed out at some critics who called his music -dangerous and careless I mean, I don’t think it’s nothing wrong with wanting to be successful and wanting to rap and do those things. But to speak about how you live and how you done lived, that’s cool to me. I mean, I looked up to people before I became who I am. That’s just a part of life I don’t think we glorify gangs. I don’t feel the same way other people feel. I love red. MIAMI , that’s my neighborhood. And I don’t feel like I was put here to raise other people’s kids by my music and how I live. I think that comes from home. I don’t even know your children to raise them. Even in my household, music didn’t raise me. I was raised in the streets. i do feel that kids need to stay away from violent music and violent TV all together but how can you? when the Disney Channel is teaching little girls to be toothpicks and E teaches you how to be a dyke come on man lets be real its the middle of the day and you got your kids running around while u work and sunddenly BAM! A commercial with 2 girls kissing, rap is not the issue people are. This is true his words Echo and slice the air around the room the rest of crew get's ready for a moment of prayer before the next set needs to jump off- more on my blogs i will do one every day for OUTLAWZ INC MR. Jack Frost is out of here 10-4 ~~~JACK FROST~~~ links:http://www.outlawzinc.com http://www.myspace.com/outlawzinc http://www.soundclick.com/outlawinc Dark Kingdom links coming soon

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