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Thursday, April 19, 2012


BY: ST-J FOR Xy-Mag LLC and Audio Street LLC


In A ..Breezy afternoon in April- in downtown ORLANDO FLORIDA
I sit with one of music's most underrated talents - the indie scene is packed with great
bands, rappers, rock stars ,singers ,dancers but in Miami there are not to many
Hip Hop gangsta rappers anymore at least not in the way RAGE was build
he leans more to the dark side of life and basically tears at your ears with his violence and bloody tone lyrics .with 3 of his boys walking down the main street with him on this Friday
Ray"Rage"Patino Opens up on his past music up's and downs his business and companies and how he took a much needed break until the much talked about and buzz crazy Murder-ville "Tha Death Squad LP" coming in the summer of 2012 with his long time Outlawz Inc artist Pistol and DJ Spinz but for now Rage is going on a long mission
after the release of his STILLMATIC album "Aura Whisper Of Fear LP" Rage is planing
to release 3 new solo albums with the first one being "Whisper of fear"(MAY 4TH)
I called it my vacation from the street world i been busy all year time to just sit back
with the wife and kids and watch some TV and get my mind ready for 2012 said Rage
i had the chance to ask some questions on our trip to downtown Disney where he's meeting up with his wife and son after this for dinner and a movie gangsta rap fans
don't be worried rage is releasing his first free digital download on Lost highway records
for the year the very brutal and ruthless sequel to a one of his lesser known projects
The StillMatic Series part 1(2006) and part 2 was released in 2008 now in 2012
The StillMatic Series gets a BIG make over with a 20 track album that already
has the internet going insane and the haters pulling on their hairs

S-J: why make a sequel to STILLMATIC ? and why call it "Aura Whisper Of Fear"

Rage:it's a title i had in me for a long time and 9 months ago i let go
of part 1 on dat piff and it was a big album a mega download
before that amazon sold a good 7.000 copies of it for me. it seems fitting,
i do make music that tends to strike a nerve with- opened minded people

S-J: You have made a mark in hip hop nobody can deny that ..but do you
think you might have been more successful if the lyrics might have been toned down?

Rage: In my mind, i feel good i did albums that have been sad,and painful some have been
very dark and hard to swallow. but I'm comfortable in my own skin and with my music.
of course who does not want to blow like eminem or jay -z? and sell 300 million
but i held it down in the independent scene and made my money sold my records
and been to so many places around the world and rapped with great rappers and singers
in the process i have a great producer a great agent and Murderville is a super bad ass group I'm very proud of that. and remember I'm a business man first and foremost
none of this would be possible without the backing of my other company's and deals
and of course GOD and his son. along with my family being supportive
I gotta say it man,the haters have become more then ever lies,rumors i mean
they come up with the biggest lies i sit back and smile makes me feel strong.

S-J:How long was the break for ?and when do you plan on starting on "Tha Death Squad"?

Rage:The break was for a while at least all holiday season(2011) and possibly
begin recording "The Death Squad album" with Murderville
and have a release for the summer of 2012 and have it on ITunes by July
it's like this , I'm also in a point where i have done so much in music
that i need to take a chill and look at family , turn to my other business
keep a low profile get off face book and my space for a while stop doing shows
and traveling so much i need a mental break so i can regroup but before i take
another break i plan to blow the doors wide open in 2012 I plan to take people back
to when they was listening to HIP HOP in 1995-1997 The BIG ,The Pac,The Outkast Days
I don't think i can stand next to them dudes i mean by no means do i think i can flow
like Biggie did But clearly HIP HOP is missing -the street rap,the pain lyrics,the violent tales,the real part of life. I mean look around so many people are hurting , Sad, and In Pain
how can it feel right? to make songs about fast cars and pimping women come on now?

S-J: mental break from what?

Rage: Everything ..i need to sit and watch from the outside looking in for once
to many haters , even family members that are so deep into hating
that gets me sick - the economy took a bad bad turn and it effected my other company(ADVANCED/REN- HTTP://WWW.DPRENQUALITYLLC.COM)
So i had to make changes , sell off, and buy again and make moves to keep it all going
and that took a bunch out of me. not being able to tell everyone around. all your dealings
is hard to - u see there are to many haters and to many people wishing your downfall
and i keep my secrets - people come around me and ask me
how are you ? - I'm like fine, in the same shit keeping my head in game.- that's all they
need to know. whether i got a million in the bank or 20 grand that's my business feel me?

S-J:how did you go about landing the deal for "American Horror Story"
it's been green lighted for a 2ND season and your going to appear in 2 episodes
when does it begin shooting ?

Rage:That was crazy i went to Comic con and met Frank he was super cool
and i was like I'm such a crazy fan of freaking gore and horror flicks and his music guy
was like lets see what u got? it's a very small part but it was fun like crazy the new season
starts on bravo next year the first one is already running

S-J: Is not living in Miami anymore take away the city, and it's pressure of being the best
at your music ?

Rage:Absolutely not ! Miami is were i was born, Raised, and made my life in
i owe a ton to Miami i go to Miami every month for biz or just to see my city light up
on Friday nights. but yes there is a pressure in Miami for the young adults
you need to have that nice ride, you need to have that great gear if not your a nobody
so every ones racing to first place and spending there rent money doing it
I was the same way spending money like if the sun was not going to come up
I had to take a step back, and Thank God I did. I have my own House now , the ride ,
doing business with connects outside my label and satellite company- so more I'm happy
now i spend less and have everything i need to keep myself good and my fam good.
people close to me ask me why rage? why don't you show 305hiphop.com or anyone
else all that you have.My reply is "I don't need to ,GOD gave me what i have and im
blessed i don't need to show it off . I don't need to prove shit to anyone

S-J: VBS III(Violent Blood Scrolls Verse III) will be released on Napster and amazon, datpiff and overstock but for free correct? how do you make money this way?

Rage:Well first, all the albums i release free go through a process. first they go on amazon.com and Napster via the imprint Lost Highway records .once i feel the albums
made enough to gain myself and lost highway profit i turn around a re-release it for free
on mix tape sites .. i do this for my fans i have a good 14-18.000 hardcore fans
and my overhead is very cheap so if 10.000 of those fans download it and pay for it
that's it I'm in a great position then i give the go ahead and give it out for free. times
are hard and if i can make some money from having great fun while I'm doing it why not
return the favor for those who might not have the 6.99 or 8.99 for the download
and i also have my day to day company that keeps me stable Like right now
I'm in a battle with MR Clark(lost highway) I want Stillmatic Aura Whisper of fear
to come out free to give fans a taste and then the murderville albums and my next 2
we will charge but they(lost highway) wants a net price of 5.99 and no dat piff

S-J: But this one will be a free download from the get right?

Rage: Yes and it's 20 songs deep so it should hold over my hard core rageheads until
WINTER Violent Blood Scrolls Verse III is my final release of the year
and it will be bloody it's a dark album I'm not going to lie it's for 18 and over only lol

S-J:your doing non-profit now ?

Rage: Always have.. at first i started slow but now I'm working with FTK(feed the kids)
also with global company INSU who helps in feeding kids in all parts of the world
its very important to me to see the kids for what they are God's gift and to leave that gift
to die of hunger or misplaced in the world is the biggest sin in life you can't come back
from that in my opinion. besides i have a son he's my life all i do everything i do every move i make is for him that's why i dropped off the Party scene i spend most of my
Saturday nights with my wife and kids and folks hidden deep in the north lol
but when i go record or do a show you won't catch me with less then 15 people
that's how it is for me.when i do ride it's gotta be deep i got to many haters man

S-J: When you first started in 2003 and now it's 2012 almost 2013 what's changed?

Rage:Everything!! for me i have evolved in music , in being a better person
a family man, a father but all this came with the help of the lord nobody can
do it alone My wife & I are at the best moments in our life we are just enjoying our son
and doing the best we can to help our family

S-J: So no more statues messages on facebook ?no more songs for almost a year?

Rage: Nah, I'm taking a break from social media i told u this(laughs) I'm not saying
I'll be hiding under some rock but its time to breathe it's time for some fresh air
I'll post my quotes here and there and check up on my fans but this is why i got you
now to keep me in the loop of things but that's not now like i said 2012 is going to
be non-stop its the year i plan to do more in my artist role. I been heading a sales
Call center for years and after i sold that and became REN LLC in 2009
i worked harder then ever and kind of pushed OutlawzInc to the back I Plan to
focus more on art this year then main business and have fun doing it
Shit, You and I are in talks to help on the Manager side of the fan club are you doing it?

S-J:(Laughs) Hopefully , I mean its a bit different from my work at Florida Today(the news paper) and my work on ALLHIPHOP.COM but i love a challenge thats why i said yes to it that and my daughter threaten to disowned me if i did not take the offer to be your new fan manager but i don't think audio street is going to like this but i feel bad audio street fell off

Rage: What? that i hired you? for free lancing work i doubt that I'm good with Street
they love me on that site. just like my fans do i just hope my fans don't get to riled up
when they find out audio street is going into hard timeshttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

S-J: Who are you jamming to these days?

Rage: I listen to rock like a mutha i love 3doors down, Disturbed ,Lpark in hip hop
Scarface ,Eminem ,Pac and Biggie on the miami sceen i'm loving whats coming out of
1219 right now and the 305 empire click. there starting to build i love Murderville
DJ dramatize is doing some kick ass mix tapes - there is one click that i like
and one member of that crew that i respect but theres this other dude who really
gets on my fucking nerves he's so fucking dumb dude thinks he's MR mafia or something
and he the truth is he fucking blows but lets leave the new BEEF for the next Release


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