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Friday, June 11, 2010



Miami's Underground Street Hop King "Rage" The active C.E.O of outlawz inc productionz
and one of the labels prime rappers/writers/producers lead the charge back in 2003
with a dark,grim and sometimes Gothic rap style. making the movement a very rare one
said Clark Jackson. who's worked with Ray Rage Patino since Outlawz Inc and lost highway records inked a deal in 2006 after the success of rage's "RED DRAGON" CD. He's a great guy i have never seen a guy give so much and have so much haters -He walks into our offices and never, not once without a gift. even for Sandy he brings one- The Receptionist ..But the love he gets is amazing ,it's more- that's proving alone
with his fans who have pushed Outlawz Inc Productionz into a 500.000 a year music
independent label. I hear rumors about other people screaming murda this ,murda that
that's cool i don't really care if your making money screaming something i made up
deep in your heart you know when you look in the mirror your just seeing me. you have my name, my unit in tattooed on your dumb ass self . but again if your making money that's a plus for you but if your just screaming shit out for no reason at 30 then you need your head fu*king checked feel me? rapping is not for everybody ..But don't tell that to Outlawzinc pproductionsfans and Murderville die hards- They love Rage and Pistol along with DJ SPINZ Grim and Dark lyrics , rough vocals and deep subject matter & on June 11Th 2010 Murdervilles 4th official release was leaked ."TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE" was going to
be the warm up for "Rimz,Bullets&Music"(TBA) now the July 2ND release to tales from the darkside is up in the air said Clark Jackson we don't want to lose money obviously!
but Rage does have control of this project how he's going to go about it is sole up to him. Rage and Pistol AKA MURDERVILLE crafted 19 brand new songs for "TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE" and the project is VERY VERY GOOD. stated Tina an A&R for lost highway records - I think Eminem ,Lil Wayne and Murderville dropping the best in hip hop right now. Tony T from Out liners records said- I rather stand by the Murderville project
even if it got leaked and still support the album even if it was leaked from the inside.
and the fans will still love it like they loved Rage's 9 solo albums and Murdervilles 3 albums
and the 100's of mix tapes i have collaborated with Rage and Outlawz Inc with over the years. My haters , My fans, My people know me - know the Truth about me .. Know i share to a limit i start seeing you act shady and I'm gonna cut you off ..I give respect to a bunch of my old peers and niggaz from the block but i don't hang out with fakes and liars
don't have to.. said rage laughing on a last note he wanted to send a messages to his boy Lu! who's locked up" Love ya bro and keep spitting that crack when you come out"
and to a certain individual who he said never even showed up to court to face him.
Your P*ssy homeboy forever you will be a mark for REAL street niggaz to make you
a target. you think guns can save you? if i REALLY REALLY wanted to blow your house up think about it homeboy? i let you sleep at night. and to u know who i ain't seen a long ass time Come to the INC nigga Outlawz Inc the doors are still open for now Rage will
keep making success is number 1 soul mate.-Outlawz Inc's label roster includes major players in the Miami Underground seen Jenny-Y The sexy hard spitting and smooth singing brings a different flavor to the tracks. J-hood and Jroc both in Swat Team and are opening there own labels and working with 1219 Entertainment told us -Rage is real nigga, a real dude point blank he makes money and shares it but he studies you without you knowning he's a super smart business man and he won't tell you he's watching you
on how you act when you he can't make it to get you a certain time or day he watches when you ask money how you react if you flip or take it with ease. there was this one time
when i called him up and asked him for 400 bucks for rent and he said flat out NO!
and i got mad for a hot sec ,but then came to my senses -if he said no then the man
don't got it - 3 days passed and i called him every day not for the money to see how he was.next thing he's calling saying im outside "jump in" next thing we in the hialeah mall
spending 3-4000 bucks and i got my 400 for rent thats a real nigga son. I come from queens NY and anybody from there knows we don't react well to fakeness or a green nigga
and Rage is welcomed in the deepest darkest places in NYC that's telling you something.
the lyrics of Miami Murderville King are Violent sometimes even for my taste ,but we can not deny the fact he is one of the most talented artist/business man come out of Miami
and till this day none of the business Rage controls or manages has lost it's balance.
but having his Murderville new album get leaked before it's ITUNE official release certainly gives him a new task to overcome.

(Taking Samples Out Of Thugznetwwork.net review)
(Miami New Times)- Mark Stevens

Phil Jolie- 305 Street Hardcore Magazine JUNE 13TH 2010