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Friday, July 27, 2012


In 2009 Rage the underground rapper and CEO of the world-wide label Outlawz Inc Productionz based in Miami Florida went on a crusade he started a publishing company and inked a 3 year deal with Clark Jackson Of LOST HIGHWAY Records who is a DBA and direct partner of WWR(winding road records) to have his imprint on AMAZON.COM AND I TUNE. afterwards he teamed up with long time label mate PISTOL who has since started his own music company "DARK KINGDOM INC" and together the duo cranked up the speakers and ran through more then 20 note books and pumped out 2 albums under the group "MURDERVILLE" at the same time - MURDERVILLE (River of Blood & the now infamous 1980 Slasher Film LP) both released on the same day(August 26th 2009) that same year in December "Black Xmas"(Homicide Music Part 1) hit the online market with a bang. "BLACK XMAS" sold over 4700 copies on amazon and then went on to be released on DAT PIFF. fast forward to 2010 and Rage released his 10th solo lp "KING OF PAIN" whitch was a MEGA hit on amazon selling way over 9.000 copies and leading the way for the release of MURDERVILLE'S 4th album in less then a year "TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE" but it fell short and adding insult to injury one big critic was the newspaper Miami New Times who stated the album felt rushed and to over board with Violence. the album went right to Dat piff then Rage's other business was also starting to feel the pain of the recession. And Murderville disappeared. but they only left to regroup, take a breath and look at all the options The Secret to Rage's success was born from his way of thinking right from the start. Do it for the fans, Do it for the music , Don't Invest to much, And if you sell you sell. being an X gang member and mid-level drug dealer for a few years. Rage never had a plan to move on from the street game and the drugs. until his Brother Frank suddenly passed away at only 39 - That was a Big wake up call for me said Rage sitting in a cloud filled room with speakers blasting on this Friday Night a Warehouse that's not to much to look at on the outside but hidden in a shopping plaza the inside of this small independent music label is a fully equipped recording studio which he shares with Mike Gram (both of them keep up the place- Rent , Maintenance) 2011 came and went without to much buzz from Outlawz Inc Rappers and Producers after all for years they have won awards on SOUNDLICK.COM for best album of the year having 3 number 1 hits on hardcorejamz a my space page with millions and millions of plays and producing profit for years of over 200k a year enough for humble rappers to share. and with a good leader at the helm Rage was taking "OUTLAWZ INC" into over drive but in early 2011 Rage's father had 2 back to back heart attacks and a stroke plus his day time business was again going into damage control over slow month to month profits. but being in business for over 8 years and running a label for 9 Rage was not about to give up after BIG cuts, shares sold and reopening his business without his 2 brothers. Rage moved on and at last with all his faith pulled from the ashes and rebuild Now he owns his first home in central florida plus a 1 bedroom on Ocean Dr in Miami Beach FL. Now fast forward to 2012 and RAGE and Murderville's Reunion is highly anticipated and MURDERVILLE is now the force of 3 Charlie Vice Of Vice World Ent joined the crew this year and right in time for the album die hard fans have been waiting for "A COLD DAY IN HELL" the album is ready for release after a few more mix downs and cuts Wolf Wills of the crew listened to almost the entire album said 'This is going to be wicked the fans will love this installment of Murderville' Rage admits he did a 360 from his X gang life and went to college studied law in Miami-Dade then finished up in UCF now he's very excited about Vice joining the crew & he's helping a local rapper "Chris Courtney in his movement in hip hop and with a looming deal on novels and books coming to amazon.com and also working with locals in his area Rage and Murdervlle already started with a strong year "Rage's 3 release under the name "Stillmatic" smashed the walls down with almost 11.000 downloads on dat piff and Pistol's solo new album "Legacy of emptiness" hit the 400 download mark and going steady. The Murderville new album is like the Batman trilogy first we had to begin then we had to face a bad bad villain(referring to the fall out of the tales from the dark-side album and the money issues) and now we are back , at peace , but ready to return to destroy fake rappers give fans real street music no matter how sad , how painful it's true music and real life needs to be addressed and now a days music seems 'so made-up and fake' that when a group like Murderville releases music people should listen Rage placed his faith in GOD many years ago when he left the game went back to school invested with his two older brothers and did what many fail to do Simply grow up. I love everyone who loves me If your down with me I'll give the shirt off my back to you but if you talk shit behind my back and mock me when your not in front of me then keep going i don't want anything to do with you. even now we are not out of all the hot water we still have looming issues and concerns with profits but we keep going when you give up that's when your a failure said Rage. I will try to help everyone. I have a list of people who i know need my help but what people don't understand I have to be standing firm to help anyone how can i help you if im standing on rocky ground these hard times final days My first and foremost concern is my SON I'm a father so that's my number 1 job. Connie Aalaver for BAD GIRLS MEDIA